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Ranch Stockpiling Allowance Set for 2019

Do you have adequate space on your ranch to store some, or all your harvested almond production? If so, the Association will make it worth your while.

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Improvements to Your Association!

The 2019 crop has the makings of another record. The Association is budgeting for a crop size of 132,822,000 meat equivalent pounds. To adjust to this new reality of even larger volumes in years ahead we have taken numerous actions to help us prepare.

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Changes to your Membership – Let us know soon!

Are there changes you have made to your farm which we should know about? If so, please make sure not only to let your handler know, but to let us know as well.

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Report on the 56th Annual Meeting

This year’s annual meeting was held on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 at TorNino’s Banquet Hall in Fresno. It was a very special evening in which we celebrated the 56th Annual Dinner Meeting of the Association.

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June 11, 2019
56th Annual Meeting

Each year we are required to have a meeting for our members to inform them of the financial standing of the Association reflective of our fiscal year end that takes place on April 30.This year’s Annual Meeting will be held at Tornino’s Banquet Hall in Fresno. Along with reports from our Chairman, the President & CEO and our auditors we also have entertainment, which makes for a wonderful evening. Please try and attend. Invitations will be mailed out in May.

July 26, 2019
Pre-season Grower Meeting

Each year, before the seasonal almond harvest begins, we hold a meeting for our members to let them know what we envision for the season ahead.It is also an important opportunity to inform our membership of any changes they need to know about, which could affect their harvest and delivery decisions. The event also offers an important venue for members to ask questions of concern of our Management Team. The meeting is open to all members of the Association and as owners of the Cooperative everyone is encouraged to attend.


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