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What’s New for 2018?

Your Association has seen constant growth since we hulled our first almond crop in 1963. The almond industry has truly been a growth industry and one at which other agricultural commodity leaders and growers can only marvel.  This rate of growth has challenged us to be proactive and not reactive in order to make sure we anticipate change and are ready for the next almond season.  This year a freeze has taken place in our area of operation and that may diminish our potential harvest volume.  However, prior to the freeze event in February, the Board approved a few improvements preparing us for the rapidly increasing almond acreages to be delivered in the years ahead.  Here are some of the items which the Board sanctioned that will be in place by early summer.

  • A New Truck Scale – A third scale is nearly installed adjacent to the Kerman office and will complement two existing scales. The third scale will operate as an overflow scale and during the busiest time of the harvest will help take the pressure off inbound deliveries of your field run almonds, deliveries of commodities, and shipments of brown skin or inshell almonds to your handler.
  • Concrete Work – The ingress and egress from the scale at Kerman, (which is now asphalt), will be replaced with concrete. The existing asphalt surface no longer could be sealed and as we needed to make a substantial change to the surface, the Board felt it would be prudent to replace the asphalt with concrete at this highly important area. This area services nearly 400 transactions a day during the peak of the season.
  • New Stockpile Belt-Loader Ordered – This will bring us to a total of nine Stockpile belt-loaders at Kerman and will ease congestion during our peak receiving period.
  • New Electrical Starters and Soft Starts at the Sanger Sheller – The changes we have made to this electrical service will increase productivity. The sheller had been shutting down from time to time which hindered efficiency.
  • LED Lighting At K-3 – We are pleased to report that 95% of the lighting at our Kerman and Sanger sites is now converted over to LED lighting. This has not only saved the Association money, but the luminosity in the plants is greatly enhanced.