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2017 Report – A New Record As the Almond Industry Grows

Once again, the Association achieved a new record shelling volume in 2017. A total of 120,484,511 pounds of Almonds were shelled at the Association’s two sites this season.  The prior record of 109,287,465 pounds was recorded in 2016.  The 2015 volume was 94,230,888 pounds.  Therefore in just three seasons the shelling volume has soared by 26,253,622 pounds for an increase of 27.9%.

It was a bountiful crop in the central San Joaquin valley. Our average yield per acre was 2,164 lbs.  Nearly all varietal types were up significantly.  It was a phenomenal year for all of the softshell varieties and for most of the semi soft varieties.  However, the varieties of Carmel, Price, Butte and Padre were off in some cases.  Please note that roughly 4.16% of this increase is due to new acreage coming into the Association from formerly non-bearing acreage or new members. When this variable is factored in it reflects a net increase 5.5% over the prior year.  We were exceedingly happy with these final results.  Overall average turnout of all varieties was 26.03%.

All of the Association’s shellers performed well last season with minimal downtime. Unlike prior seasons during the drought, the 2017season saw a crop of much improved moisture levels allowing the production to be run very efficiently.  However, reject levels were exceedingly high on many runs and we took great care in trying to separate any compromised product that would hurt a member’s overall return delivered to his packer.  For the most part it was an excellent crop to shell and ran through our plants very efficiently.  Total overall run time was 100 days, which is three days longer than the prior shelling season. Sangers shelling operations concluded on November 28 and the Kerman Plants went silent on December 6.  This is an amazing achievement and we continue to record impressive records due to the overall success of the Almond industry.  We couldn’t be more proud and grateful for what we achieved on behalf of our 403 member owners.