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President’s Report – Be Prepared

Watch out!  Here comes the latest tsunami of almond production that is getting ready to hit a sheller near you.  There seems to be a regularly occurring cycle every few years where almond acreage exceeds our shelling capacity.  That new cycle of growth is imminent. Your Association is in the process of facing this evolution head on, so that we can continue to meet our member expectations of exceptional service.

The changes outlined in the preceding article attest to the proactive nature of the Board of Directors and Management in trying to ensure that we will be prepared for the almond production looming on the horizon.  I am so very proud of the actions we have taken. They illustrate our determination to vigilantly serve our members.

Consider the fact that we will have 64,375 acres of almonds that will be delivered into us by 2021.  At a per acre yield of 2,250 pounds we would have to be able to shell out 145,000,000 pounds of kernels.  At our record volume of 2,446 pounds recorded in 2011 we could be closer to 157,500,000.

Can we meet this challenge? Yes, we can! With the modifications, acquisitions and investments we will make over the course of the next year we will be able to accommodate this growth and finish processing operations in the late fall as we have in the past.

We have never had the luxury of resting on our laurels and casually waiting for the next season to come.  The growth of almond acreage has necessitated that we be proactive in order to assure timely processing.  This we have done and will continue to do so on your behalf.  Have a safe and prosperous shelling season.