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Acreage Surveys Are in the Mail

We need your help! One of the most important forms of feedback is our annual surveys. The survey form has changed in order to help us better predict future production volumes and growth. You will recall that the major components of both surveys are the Trees Pulled Survey sent out in January and the Acreage Survey sent out at the end of February. This year both surveys will be consolidated into one form and we will be mailing it to you on January 1, 2019. A new request that shall be added will ask you to share with us your planted acreage by ranch, variety and year planted.

This information is crucial for trying to forecast our future volumes and we will need a very timely response. As we continue to grow, we must know the total almond acreage in the Association by variety and year planted. We will use this information to better prepare for the large production volumes that will substantially increase in the next few years. We must be prepared, and we need your help and prompt reply.

As a special incentive, we will enter your name in a raffle for a $500 VISA gift card if we receive your response to the survey by February 15, 2019. Should you need any help please call us at the Association’s Kerman main office and ask for Bob Donnelly, or Jared Ramos. They will gladly help with any questions.