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Results of Recently Held Special Election

A “Special Election” recently took place to fill a vacancy for Seat#2 on the Associations’ Board of Directors. The seat was formerly held by Mr. Tim DaSilva who resigned in September.  Five members showed an interest in running for this slot. They filled out the required application, obtained five signatures from members who attested to their character and were placed on the election ballot.  In total, the Association received 183 ballots, which were counted by the Election Certification Committee on December 20, 2017.  Subsequently, a report on the results of the election was made to the Board of Directors at the conclusion of the Board meeting held on the same day.

Of the five candidates who ran we are pleased to report that Mr. Matt Efird of Caruthers, California garnered the most votes and will be installed as the newest Director at the next Board of Directors meeting scheduled for January 17, 2018. Robert Allen came in second, Lee Erickson was third, Jean Errotabere was fourth and Jeff Yribarren came in fifth.

The Association wishes to thank those who ran in this important election and took the time to gather the required signatures, as well as do a little campaigning. Democracy works!  We also wish to thank those who participated in the election by mailing in a ballot to our office.