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Improvements to Your Association

The 2019 crop has the makings of another record.  The Association is budgeting for a crop size of 132,822,000 meat equivalent pounds.  To adjust to this new reality of even larger volumes in years ahead we have taken numerous actions to help us prepare. 

  • We are in the process of modernizing Kerman Plant #1.  As explained in earlier newsletters this modernization is slated to be completed by the 2020 season.  However, electrical conduit and the installation of our baghouses is already completed. This will accelerate the construction taking place at the conclusion of the 2019 season.  The improved plant is designed to give us a 38% increase in efficiency helping us to efficiently meet the production challenges that lay ahead.  The new plant will include an additional inshell line to compliment the K-3 hulling line, and will also include a hash clean-up line so we may capture higher values for this important by-product.
  • Another stockpile belt-loader has been purchased and delivered to our Kerman site.  This is the tenth belt-loader for Kerman and will certainly help to process field run loads quicker.
  • A new 1-megawatt solar array has just come online that will offset 70% of our electrical utilization at K-1 and K-2.  This will complement our stage 1 solar array that came online in 2016.
  • Using the air districts tractor replacement program, a new wheel loader will be received replacing a 2005 unit that is obsolete.
  • Using funding from the California Air Resources Board, five new electric gators are on site this season replacing five of our older gas propelled units.  
  • Recently, we have entered into an agreement with Blue Diamond Growers for the purchase of the receiving station at Sanger.  This purchase will clean up the property lines and bring our total acreage from 35 to 40 acres making the property a perfect square.  We also believe this acquisition will allow us to more efficiently process Blue Diamond members’ product through the Receiving Station, a service for which we will be reimbursed.
  • The Association’s website has been totally updated with new features.  Please click on to ccaga.com to check the new look, which will be functional by the end of July!

As you can tell by our actions, we are determined to be prepared for the formidable challenges that lay ahead. We are continually focused on being pro-active and not reactive.  We look to the future when making sure that the best home for your almonds is here at your Association.