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FSMA Requires a Change to Delivery Tickets

For the 2018 hulling and shelling season we will be utilizing a newly redesigned Delivery Ticket. Certain wording has been changed on this important document to bring us into compliance with the federally mandated Food Safety and Modernization Act. The changes to the ticket are required and it is imperative that this new document is presented at the scale at the time of delivery next season.  Any older Delivery Tickets will no longer be accepted. Please throw away all of your old Delivery Ticket booklets immediately.

Utilization of this new Delivery Ticket is mandatory. It is necessary to bring us into compliance with Federal law.  Please know in advance that should a truck come across any of our scales with a pre-2018 Delivery Ticket, it will be MANDATORY for the truck to get off the scale, fill out the information onto a new Delivery Ticket form and then get back in line to complete the transaction.  This occurrence will certainly slow in-bounds at the scale considerably, so PLEASE PREPARE ACCORDINGLY.