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Changes to Your Membership? Please Let Us Know Soon!

Each year we often have growers who request changes to their memberships. This year the last minute changes were inordinate.  They hurt our efficiency as we were trying to get the plants going at the start of the shelling season.  This is just too late to get requested changes in place.  Late changes can cause payments to be delayed to our members from their handler, and for hulling fees from those handlers to be delayed to the Association.  It can also cost us a great deal of time in trying to correct paperwork to reflect needed changes.

Do you have changes which have been made to your farm, which we should know about? If so, please make sure not only to let your handler know, but to let us know as well.  We will work as fast as we can to make sure the change is in place.  Please be aware that the time to make these changes is not when the shelling season is already under way; it should be done well before the next harvest season commences!